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The TMC Company

TMC is today an international leader in the design and production of terminals for the automatic identification of goods and persons, data capture and transmission. We started in 1976, offering our customers high quality, state of the art devices like magnetic stripe card readers and encoders, microprocessor based hand held terminals, OCR and bar code scanners.
In 1989 we began designing and developing our own proprietary products. Our team of technicians, programmers, and systems analysers enabled us to offer products with a high degree of flexibility, using state-of-the -art technology, and constantly improving quality.
The majority of our products were designed on the request of our clients, and were developed on the basis of their feed-back from the field. We continue to devote a large portion of our resources to R&D, and we maintain the flexibility necessary to be able to deliver products promptly, even in the case of special or unusual requirements.

Since December, 1999 TMC is part of the ZUCCHETTI Group, Lodi, Italy. ZUCCHETTI is one of the leading IT&C Companies in Italy.

You've got a problem to solve...
two problems...
...or maybe even three !!!

TMC can offer you a single solution !!!

All the data collection problems which you face in the day-to-day running of your business and which are illustrated in the TMC Catalogue can be solved with a fast and efficient network integrated with fixed and mobile terminals and readers.

All at a price which will surprise you !!!
Now you can stop considering problems and start finding solutions.

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