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Input devices


Proximity identification Products

TMC offers both proximity readers integrated within our own terminals (PROX+, TRAX+, TRAX+P, EnTRAX and MAX) and separate proximity reader units. All our proximity devices are equipped with magnetic reader
emulation ports, using the same 125 KHz technology and decodifying the same cards and tags.

Reading Heads

RFIDRFIDThere are currently three reading heads available for proximity cards and tags:

904.102.17 is a naked reader. It has the same size and uses the same mounting template as a 90 mm magnetic reader and it can be used to replace the magnetic reader in PROX+, TRAX+, TRAX+P, EnTRAX terminals.
The other two heads are usually connected to a 914.003.20 motherboard to create much simpler access control units. Both are suitable for outdoor use and emit a "beep" at each reading. They come equipped with a fixed length cable.

904.103.17 is a compact unit in a plastic mould enclosure with an adhesive sticker to cover the heads of the screws used to mount the unit on the wall. It is equipped with a green LED which signals when power is on and when a successful read has taken place.
It provides an excellent reading distance considering the size of its antenna.
It is particularly suitable for use with the MAX 914 functioning on-line with a PC or Master PROX+ .
It can also be used as a second read head on a PROX+.

904.101.17 is enclosed in a solid machine-worked aluminium casing with satin finish, like the one used on the magnetic card readers. Compared to the 904.103.17 it has the advantage of having two LEDs, one green, one red, which
can be driven by the access control terminal to which the RF reader is connected (a 914.003.20 for example).
A successful read is signalled acoustically while the two LEDs are used to display the status of the access control unit, a valid transaction, or the programming status of the terminal.



  904.102.17 904.101.17


Type of tag Passive, 125KHz, 64bit ready-only
Read Distance: 12 cm 6 cm 12 cm
Interface   TTL mag.emul TK2 TTL mag.emul. TK2 TTL mag.emul. TK2
Opz. Rs232 and Wiegand
Signals: - 2 LEDs, red and green
piloted externally
1 green LED, signals power
on and read event
- Beeper Beeper
Connector: Molex 6 pin Molex 6 pin + 3 pin (LED) Molex 6 pin
Power supply: 28mA @ 5Vdc 20mA @ 5Vdc      70mA @ 5Vdc
Casing material: - Aluminium Thick plastic
Size (VxHxD): 90x25x22 mm 130x37x32mm 78x42x15 mm
Cable lengh: 25 cm 250 cm 90 cm
Code format: 14 decimal figures


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