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940 PROX+

Programmable Terminal for Time & Attendance * Recording, Access Control and Production Control

Time is Money.
Time Never Stops.
Do Control Time.
PROX+ can't be stopped.

940 PROX+PROX+ is the top of our range of terminals. A tough steel casing, a large keypad, a very legible display, a generous number of I/O and communications ports make PROX+ the ideal terminal for the most demanding applications. Compact, versatile and very resistant, PROX+ is easy to use while offering a high degree of programmability. Users can activate programmes and procedures simply by pressing a key. Messages on the clear display and the beeper will guide them through the different stages of a procedure.
PROX+ can function on-line or in stand-alone mode. Its robustness and functional design make it ideal for managing transactions in an industrial environment.
It is suitable in any situation in general where reliable data collection and control is needed.

  • Numeric or alphanumeric keyboard.
  • 128KB base memory for memorising up to 14000 transactions.
  • Internal Ethernet interface - optional.
  • Internal and/or external readers for: barcodes (EAN, I2/5, C39), magnetic stripe cards ISO track 2 (track 1 or 3 on request), proximity cards, biometric devices, etc.
  • In the event of a power failure, its optimised battery management and different energy levels ensure autonomous operation for up to 24 hours spread over a number of days. It retains data for 5 years (RAMCard option).
  • Easy definition of custom data collection procedures for WIP control or other industrial requirements.
  • It can control up to 31 satellites - TRAX+, MAX, IOX or other PROX+'s - or alien terminals, on a multipoint RS485 line, collecting and managing their data.
  • On-line or off-line operation. When in off-line mode data is memorized internally and can be downloaded at a later date. In on-line mode transactions are monitored in real time by a computer to which PROX+ sends all data that it collects (from either the keypad or card reader).
  • It prints transaction slips.
  • A handy extractable screw connector block simplifies both installation and maintenance.
  • 4 optoinsulated digital inputs. They can be associated with a counter: a status change or overflow of the counter can activate a relay, can be recorded in a file, can prompt a message to the host computer, or launch a procedure.
  • 3 digital outputs with relay. They can be programmed for valid entry, valid exit, invalid access, access under threat; schedules by the minute and by the weekday; on the basis of events at the inputs and on commands.
  • Table-top versions available on request.




PROX+G, fully compatible with standard numeric PROX+, has a wide 240x128 dot matrix screen that can display up to 4 different text fonts with up to 12 lines of 32 characters. All special characters of the european languages are supported with Windows™ ASCII codes. Function keys are aligned along the left border of the display, so that function descriptions can be clearly shown on it.




PROX+ can be installed as a stand alone unit in point-to-point configuration on a serial connection, via telephone or modem for remote installations, on a Current Loop line by means of a passive Current Loop converter, or in multipoint configuration on an RS485 line using NET92 protocol (up to 254 terminals).

PROX+ can control up to 31 PROX+/EnTRAX/MAX/TRAX+ slaves..

The slave EnTRAX or TRAX/2P's store transactions in their own local memory; the Master PROX+ is only used as a "gateway" for downloading data from the slave terminals.

The slave MAX units, instead, will read and send the card code to the Master PROX+ who will compare it against its internal access control authorization tables. This makes it possible to build a low-cost Access Control solution, with time and space zones, anti-passback control, etc



Programming at different levels:

PROX+ is equipped with a file system which manages the memory with commands like those of DOS (DIR, TYPE, DEL, etc.). The files are organized into "directories". An extra 1 MB of memory for programmes and data can be added using a RAM card. The RAM card is treated as an additional logical drive by the file system. Its multitasking operating system allows the terminal to execute a number of I/O tasks while managing the user console at the same time, and enables it to memorize data from the COM ports and the INPUTs in background.

To programme and manage PROX+ using the support software supplied by TMC you need a PC with either DOS or WINDOWS operating system. If you use another system, TMC can supply all the documentation necessary to create your own communication programmes.

The basic PROX+ software runs all the functions of the terminal at a high level ensuring maximum flexibility for the advanced developer and user. Customized programs can be developed in the following ways:

  • Resident procedures for access control and time & attendance recording, with or without memorization of transactions; PIN and PIN "under threat" management; antipassback control; common code up to 9 figures; 2 to 12 figure user codes; time zones; user groups; causal codes management; 2nd user guaranteed entry; and timed siren. It can display all the entries and exits recorded and, if uploaded by the host in special files, it can provide users with a breakdown of their hours and display personalized messages for either single users or groups. More functions can be defined and programmed. The time tables and access tables can also be managed via the keypad.
  • The configuration parameters can be set by means of the keyboard or via the communication links. They determine how the resident pre-programmed procedures of the terminal (attendance, access control, I/O task management, on-line or off-line functions) will be carried out.
  • Data collection procedures can be launched by specific function keys, input events, or a timed event. The sequence of the steps in the transaction can be determined on the basis of the date, the time, or the status of the input/output lines. The transactions are defined by text files downloaded onto PROX+ via the RS232 or NET92 connections, or by transferring the RAM Card. These files describe the operator prompts and validity checks for each transaction. They contain the necessary operations, the questions to the operator, and data validity checks.
  • If you have a RAMCard you can download programmes written in "C", and compiled on your PC by means of a "cross-compiler", via the communication links. TMC supplies a library to give high level support to all the hardware and software resources of PROX+.



Software Support

UTILITIES - COMMTEST and CTW32 to test thecommunications and functions of PROX+ in NET92or RS232; PROX-LINK to manage the format of thearchives downloaded from PROX+; PROCX totranslate the procedures loaded onto PROX+.PROX "C" Libraries - libraries and manuals fordeveloping programmes in "C" to load onto PROX+'sRAMCard (and Flash ROM when available).DLL - libraries with demonstration functions andprogrammes for PROX+ in Windows with examplesin Visual Basic, for NET92, RS232, Modem orEthernet connections.
TRAXiT - (TRAXiT32.exe) Complete application forremote configuration of TMC terminals in differentinstallation types, and for batch communicationsessions.

N.B. COMMTEST can be used only in MS/DOS environment.



  • 940.XYZ.WW where :
    • X=box: 0=wall mounting, 2=table mounting, 3=naked
    • Y=keyboard: 0=no, 1=numeric, 2=alphanumeric
    • Z=display: 2=2x16, 4=4x20
    • W=reader: 20=no, 11=magnetic TK1, 12=magnetic TK2, 13=magnetic TK3, 8=barcode IR, 17=RF




























  • 980.002.00 PS600 Power supply adapter: 220 Vac to 12 Vdc @ 600 mA,
  • 980.003.00 PS1000 Power supply adapter: 220 Vac to 12 Vdc @ 1A,
  • 980.004.00 PS1400 Power Supply adapter: 220 Vac to12 Vdc @1,4A for fingerScan with encased wall plug (European two
    round pins - 10A)
  • 983.010.20 EtherLite - Interfaccia Ethernet RS485/RS232
  • 984.500.00 CL232 RS232-Current Loop adapter - self-powered - 1200 to 4800 bps - female connector
  • 904.020.12 External magnetic reader Track 2 with plastic case and RJ11 connector, for PROX. EPROM #940.001.70
    is required
  • 904.020.11 Magnetic reader Track 1, without cover for PROX.EPROM #940.002.70 is required
  • 940.001.70 EPROM for 2nd magnetic reader Track 2
  • 940.002.70 EPROM for magnetic reader Tk1
  • 940.00X.70 Any other additional standard EPROM not listed here.
  • 250.256.00 RAM-Card: 256 KB
  • 250.512.00 RAM-Card: 512 KB
  • 901.142.00 CCL-142 Cleaning cards - 50 pieces package


  • Keypad: membrane type, dust and splash proof, with tactile action, available with 24 numerical and functional keys, or 30 alphanumeric keys. Guaranteed for 2 million operations.
  • Display: backlit, superTwist LCD. 2x16 with 9mm characters or 4x20 with 5mm characters or 240x140 dot matrix (view area 123x70 mm)
  • Internal reader: magnetic ISO track 2, I.R. barcode, or proximity 125KHz, 64 bit read only (see RFID - page 21). Available without reader on request (see RFID).
  • Auxiliary reader: RJ11 connector or 5 pin pin-strip for external barcode reader (pens, CCD, laser, barcode slot readers) or second magnetic reader.
  • Barcode decoder: EAN 13/8, I2/5, C39.
  • Beeper: magnetic
  • Communication ports: on an extractable screw-connector block
    • COM1: RS232, 1200 to 38400 bps, software or hardware handshake, with RJ11 socket connected in parallel (preferred EtherLite connection port).
    • COM2: Current Loop (4800 bps max)/RS232/RS485, 1200 to 38400 bps, software or hardware handshake.
    • NET92: RS485 with preset protocol. Can function as either "slave" or "master".
  • Input/output ports: on an extractable screw-block connector.
    • Input: 4 digital inputs, optocoupled for on/off sensors activated by currents of 3 to 20 mA, can be associated to counters for signals of up to 8 Hz
    • Output: 3 with relay with normally open contacts, 2A @ 30Vdc max.
  • Memory: RAM - 128KB, expandable with PCMCIA RAM Card (256KB, 512KB, 1MB). EPROM - up to 256KB (will be Flash ROM starting from 4th quarter 2001).
  • Power supply: 9 to 14 Vdc, 350mA (max). NiCd backup battery will ensure supply for up to 24 hours spread over a number of days. Data is retained for 2 months (5 years with RAM Card).
  • Working temperature: 0 °C a +50 °C
  • Storage temperature: -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Humidity: 0 to 95% non condensing (barcode version)
  • Casing: steel plate, splash proof. IP65 starting from 9/2001(except for barcode version).
  • Dimensions: 185 x 190 x 90mm (D x H x P)
  • Weight:1950 g



IVAR a.s., authorized TMC reseller in CR
address: Náměstí 5. května 3, 290 01 Poděbrady
phone: (+420) 0324 611018, 610181; fax: (+420) (0)324 610505