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The Net Industrial Network


Real Time Data Capture * Communication and Control Networks

And even better than NET92  ....  ETHERNET !!!!
(viz. EtherLite)

The most efficient and competitive solution to your network operability. If you have an Ethernet backbone you can avoid the hassle and costs of a new cabling, even the slim one required by a NET92. Now TRAX+/+P and PROX+ can be equipped with an internal EtherLite board and they can be connected directly to your LAN. Now you can manage them also through the Internet. But EtherLite can also be installed separately, inside a wall electric box or any other enclosure. It can be used to interface a single RS232 device, or up to 31 RS485 terminals with NET92 protocol or with generic terminals.

NET92 is a low cost network which is easy to install. It is modular and expandable, it functions on a reliable industrial standard, and it supports a variety of terminals suitable for a wide number of tasks. NET92 is very fast and can manage a large number of terminals with high levels of traffic. The user can insert data, request information from the system, pay, vote, or gain access to a protected area. Simultaneously the system supervisor can monitor single transactions and the status of the whole network, from the console of the system host computer, as well as obtain aggregates of different levels.

Real time control also makes life easier for the application programmers: they no longer have to juggle with queued messages bottlenecked on different buffers, but need only create a simple sequential service.

Specifically designed to manage transactions at the work station, NET92 can be the backbone of systems for:

  • attendance recording and production control
  • access control and the automated protection of buildings such as hotels, hospitals, offices, etc.
  • electronic voting;
  • electronic payments in commercial, sporting and tourist locations;

Applications built around NET92 generally offer:

  • Instant data availability, with no geographical limit thanks to simple Ethernet-TCP/IP interface.
  • Independent configuration of each work station.
  • Accurate and complete data.
  • Lower operators times compared with paper-based systems.
  • On-the-spot validation and editing of data.
  • Easily and quickly installed low-cost field-network.
  • Unlimited bi-directional transactions.
  • Messages to the operator.
  • Transactions tailored to the operator to improve productivity
  • Personalized and synthetic analytical reports.
  • Output to screen, printer or file.



Terminals for all types of application

All TMC terminals can be connected to the same network. Developers can write NET92 software that can manage different applications at the same time.




State of the art design ensures low level emissions and a high immunity against electromagnetic interference.
Continuous operation is ensured even when a power supply or component failure occurs.
Choice components and controlled manufacturing processes ensure the quality of the network. All devices conform to the EN 60950 safety standards.



It is easy to use, streamlined and flexible

  • The network is made up of:
  • One or more host computers which control the networkand the terminals.
  • A PSLD power supply and RS485/RS232 signal adapter unit.
  • An EtherLite when it is required to connect RS232 or RS485 terminals to an Ethernet LAN.
  • Telephone cables with one or two twisted pairs for transmitting the data.
  • Bipolar power supply cable.
  • The right TMC terminal for the application.

The adoption of normal telephone cables makes installation a simple task which can be carried out by normal electricians. In this way, too, maintainance problems and costs are reduced to a minimum.
The soul of the network is TMC's own NET92 communications protocol. This protocol is managed by a controller PC using the TMC DLL library or OCX. If your computer is not a PC, then the protocol is managed by the intelligent version of our line driver, the PSLD/3I, which is equipped with its own buffer and takes care of all polling activities.



It is invaluable and popular with programmers

Whatever the application, NET92 with TMC terminals carries out transactions immediately and provides the user with raw or processed data either at the terminals or at the controller console allowing you a fast and complete monitoring service. Programmers immediately appreciate the ease with which it can be integrated. In whatever application environment, the immediate execution of transactions and the prompt availability of individua or aggregate and elaborated data, both at the terminals and at the monitoring stations, allow you to create a system which provides a fast, efficient and complete service. It is these qualities which have made NET92 so popular with our customers.



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